Unique Ideas For Your Wedding Day

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Take Common Wedding Practices And Make Them Your Own

It’s your day. It’s your dream. It’s you’re new life. It should be uniquely yours. But how do you do that? Every wedding has the same basic elements, so being creative with them is a perfect way to be unique, and memorable.

I have seen hundreds of weddings in my career as a wedding photographer. Each one different. Mainly different because each couple is different. So I have compiled a few of my favorite ideas I’ve seen to share with you. Hopefully these ideas will help you begin to plan some unique moments for your day as well.

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Here’s an idea that is one of my favs! I’ve only seen this or a variation of it a few times in my hundreds of weddings. Every couple has legal documents that must be signed. Why not include that as part of the ceremony? It’s something you’re going to do anyway, and by including it in the ceremony you’ve included everyone in that special moment. I have even seen it done so that to officiant get’s the guests involved by asking not only asking to couple to make vows to each other, but by asking friends and family to make vows to the couple for support, encouragement, and accountability. Once those vows were made the couple signed the document right then and created a moment for everyone there that will last. Very special idea!

Another idea I’ve only seen twice, is having a special moment for just the couple to share private vows with each other. Both times I’ve seen this it was a very emotional moment for each couple. One couple did itjust after they did a first look prior to the ceremony, and the other couple did it immediatly following the ceremony. Both times was an amazing moment. As a photographer it’s a challenge to capture those moments without interfering in the intimacy of the moment, but I was able to do it each time. I’ll never forget either time. It is a great way to make the vows even more personal and tailered privately to each other. What a great idea!

What Are Your Ideas?

Have you got an idea you can share? I’d love to see how many comments we can get below with your ideas that you can share with other couples!

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