bride ans groom kissing in truck golden hour

Everybody has the standard family pictures at their wedding. You know what I’m talkin’ about!

You need those images. But you only need a few. What’s really important on your wedding day is to make sure you find some time to explore your personality in some photos. This couple is a great example. Aubry and Letch had an outdoor wedding with hay bails for the seats! Why? Because they love farm life!

Of course we took some standard photos of them with mom and dad, but the best ones happened when they said, “Ok. The next 30 minutes are yours.” That meant we could take some time and capture them as they like. I had arrived early and saw the groom driving around in his truck helping with last minute setup. As we spoke I learned that they loved that truck. So, right away I knew we were going to shoot pictures in that truck.

There wasn’t much in the way of great background scenery, so I did what any good photographer would do, I looked for the sun. I knew that a golden sunset behind the truck would look amazing! The groom was already relaxed and dirty from being outside on the farm in the heat of the hottest day all summer. It made for the perfect shot.

So, think about what you guys love as a couple to do together. If there is a way to incorporate that into photos it always helps! You look your best doing what you love to do.