Wouldn't It Be Great?

We get it. The holiday season is here and you're time is at a premium right now!

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Let's connect via Zoom!

Shopping, parties, school events, work, you know the routine. They all eat away at your time will you’re trying to plan an amazing wedding also! That’s why Inspired Media is doing Zoom consultations! They are super convenient and easy to do. So from the comfort and quietness of your own home we can meet and go over all your questions, ideas, and plans.

I promise it doesn’t need to take long and it helps us both get to know each other. I’d like to find out more about you and at the same time help you understand what I can offer to you for your wedding day. It’s a win win situation. In fact, if you decide you’re ready to go ahead and confirm with me to be your photographer, we can do it in just a few minutes time.

Things we can discuss might include…