If you stop and think about it, it's not hard to figure out. In 20 years what tangible items will you have from your wedding day? Maybe the dress, even though it's packed in an air tight box and never again seen. You nay have a piece of cake that lives in your freezer gain wrapped up and forgotten about. Most people have just 2 items from the wedding, their rings and their photos. That means that your choice of photographers is critical.

Those rings are a symbol of the love and commitment you share. The photos (see more images HERE) are a permanent piece of art celebrating that day. Nobody would trust just anyone to create a piece of art that will stand the test of time. It takes training, the ability to be creative in any environment, knowledge of the equipment being used, the ability to see the potential in what may look like a drab location, and the people skills to navigate a busy wedding day.

As a wedding photographer I'm proud of my ability to accomplish all those things! As a result my reviews reflect so many great client/photographer experiences.

Not only can I provide great service, knowledge and ability, but I can also provide amazing print products for you to have forever. You can choose albums with stunning workmanship and style, metal prints that show off your contemporary style, canvas prints that create a warm and welcoming vibe wherever they are hung, wall collages that tell a story, digital albums that play a professionally created slideshow complete with music, and so much more.

It's A No Brainer!

So you can see, the choice is easy! I've even made my packages easy to understand and have the ability to help you adjust them as needed. I have wedding day coverage packages designed to best meet your unique needs on your wedding day. After the wedding I have print packages and options to help you remember the amazing day it was.

What Now?

So what now? Again, it's easy! Call me 269-220-0595 or use the form below to let me know you're interested. Good dates are still available for 2021-22.