Let's be honest. Choosing a wedding photographer is probably the hardest decision you'll make concerning all of your vendors. As you search photographers you'll see and hear terms that maybe you've never heard before. Terms like shoot and burn, digital images, creatives, formals, print vs wall art, metals, print rights, and much more. To make things worse, the terminology between photographers is even always consistent either.

Some couples take the approach that price is the only factor. They choose a photographer whose images they like and fits the budget so they choose to receive digital files. Sounds good on the surface right! But when they go to print the images maybe they are cropped to tight for them to get the print size they want. Or possibly the print resolution or color space used by the photographer doesn't match the specs of the printer they've chosen so the images don't print well. The list goes on and on of the possible pitfuls.

Inspired Media is a full service photography provider. What does that mean to you?

  • Engagement to wedding relationship with your photographer provides a better understanding of your likes and style to the photographer
  • Consistency in shooting and editing style
  • Images edited to the specs you need
  • Photographer can shoot images to meet certain ideas you've already spoken about in terms of prints, albums, etc
  • Photographer can be more flexible with you on packages of both service and prints
  • Photographer better understands the print vendor and makes sure you get the highest quality
  • Peace of mind. No need to worry on your wedding day!


When you book your wedding with Inspired Media you are more than just a client. You become "family." I'll help you plan your photos. Looking for great locations for engagement or save the date pics? Let's find out about you as a couple and start there when choosing your locations so the images are an extension of you.

Having your engagement and wedding photos with the same photographer help continuity and comfort. You've already seen our portfolio and style, that's why you've chosen Inspired Media. Make sure you get that professional look in all your images.

Photographers that only deliver digital images are leaving you short changed. Sure, you can find someplace online that will print a "wedding album" for you at a really low price, but you get what you pay for. A wedding album needs to be as special as your day. That why Inspired Media has great choices and a huge selection of options. You'll be able to choose a cover material from leathers (or faux) to materials, metal, acrylic, wood, and more. Pages can be standard or heavy, print can be glossy, matte, and much more.

Editing photos for print vs digital display means "rendering" the files differently as well. The internet uses a different colorspace than printers use and screen vs print resolution are also different. A full service photographer can provide both.

As you can see the benefits of going with Inspired Media far outweigh any other options. You can be sure you will be receiving exactly what you need, have more options, have images that better represent your style and personality,, and have a stress free experience!

Even better, couples booking right now also SAVE $250! Don't wait. This is a limited time offer.