The Best Photographers Get Chosen First

I could end this blog post right now. That headline above is the exact right answer! Do you remember when you were a kid and the neighborhood kids were choosing teams for a baseball game, or basketball game? Who were the first kids chosen? The best ones always went first. That happens with wedding photographers also! Those of use that are the most wanted book months ahead. Sometimes even years ahead. So although I have some 2023 dates open, most of my current bookings happening right now are for 2024. DONT LET THAT STOPPING YOU FROM CHECKING A 2023 DATE WITH ME! As we all know, COVID changed everything. So what we are finding is that many couples have waited to book vendors because of the uncertainty that still exists out there.

What Is The Process and Up Front Cost?

My process is a very simple one. First you and I speak and discuss your date, your needs, and so on. Once we have complete that it's time to go ahead and make everything official. I'll send you an official quote to accept that represents all that we have discussed. You simply accept that quote online and then you electronically sign the Agreement. Once you do that you will receive an invoice with a retainer of just $100 due at that point. The balance will be due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. Super easy!

What Now?

The best way to get the process going is to schedule a call, chat, or Zoom meeting. You can do that below.