With my Ultimate Inspiration Wedding Package you have the choice of either a Bridal Portrait Session or a Bridal Boudoir Session. What’s the difference? How does it work?

Good questions! I want to make sure brides have the best experience as possible with me and to end up with more amazing photos than they ever imagined! This is another way to ensure that happens. Let’s start by discussing the Bridal Portrait Session.

Your wedding day is hectic most of the time. You’ve got hair and makeup to get done, special appointments all day for different things like photos, meals, first looks, and don’t forget the ceremony! Those beautiful artistic bridal portraits you see in magazines probably didn’t happen on the wedding day. It’s difficult to have a professional portrait session with all those other things going on. Yes, we will do your formal couples images and several shots of the bride looking amazing in her dress. But what about that next level of image? That one that looks like a million bucks!

Most brides have a final dress fitting a few weeks from the wedding. Many brides will also do a hair and makeup trial at the same time. What if you scheduled a 90 minute time that day for a bridal photo session? Just the bride looking stunning in a non stressed and hurried situation. That’s what a bridal portrait is.

I suggest we do those photos in my studio. We have the most control of lighting there, plus the dress is not going to be worn outside and risk ground dirt. You can also do your hair and makeup there. It’s perfect! You’ll have images that are just not possible on the wedding day.

So what is bridal boudoir? Another good question to which there are many ideas that could all qualify as correct! Here’s how Inspired Media answers that question. Most couples exchange gifts before the wedding. Sometimes at the rehearsal, sometimes in a private moment after the ceremony, or any other time that works for them. Most often those gifts are very personal and have special meaning between just the two of them. Enter Bridal Boudoir.

Many brides have chosen a special outfit to wear for their first night together as a married couple and have some beautiful photos taken in that outfit. Others pick an outfit just for the occasion and others will even use a baggy shirt belonging to the groom. The choice is up to you. The key is to capture beautiful and classy photos that celebrate your beauty and your love for each other.

The Inspired Media studio is again a perfect location or you’re welcome to provide a location. I’ll be glad to help you explore ideas on locations if needed. It’s important to choose the right location for the images to be their best.

Brides that choose The Ultimate Inspiration Package get their choice of either of those. It’s included. Some brides want both. That’s fine. There is an additional fee for that additional session. It’s up to you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call/text 269-220-0595. You may also use the form below and we will reach back out to you.

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