What Sets Inspired Media Apart From Other Photographers?

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The simple answer to that question would be… well, everything. But that doesn’t help you understand it any better so let me explain.

First, it’s the connection I have with my clients. My family really. I’m asking you to show me yourself. Your personality, passions, emotions, and style. That’s not any easy thing to do with someone you’re not comfortable with. So, my first goal is to establish not just a verbal connection, but a friendship connection. That way, when we are working together we all relax and let those inner feelings out. That translates to great photos.

The next thing is my goal of excellence. Anybody can push buttons on a camera. But not anyone understands how to create amazing images. Years of experience, training, and artistry go into the images I’ll create with you and for you. Yes, I go the extra mile to create that one shot that will stand out for years to come.

Professional editing. With digital cameras being so popular today many more people call themselves “photographers” and are willing to take your money. Do they really know what they are doing? A simple test of that is to ask them how they deliver your images. If they just hand over a thumb drive for you to print your images the chances are they have cut corners on areas like editing. Your images need to have a consistent look from getting ready to the reception exit. Are they shooting RAW or JPG? RAW is a file format and doesn’t mean unedited photos. Professionals shoot ONLY in RAW.

The last thing that sets Inspired Media apart is the Wedding Packages and pricing. Our Ultimate Inspiration Package includes EVERYTHING you need and at a fraction of the cost of going to another photographer. That package with other photographers would easily be nearly $5000. With Inspired Media it’s only $2499. It’s a no brainer!

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