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Weddings take a lot of planning. Working with vendors, venues, bridal party schedules and much more is a big job. Once you reach your wedding day those plans are out of your control. MOSTLY!

Your wedding photos are the one thing that you can help ensure are fantastic even on the wedding day. It does take preparation on behalf of both you and your photographer. After photographing hundreds of weddings, engagements, and receptions I have a few tips for you to help. Let's go!


A great way to do that is on Pinterest. Start a "mood board" with samples of images you like. There are literally millions of wedding and engagement photos on the web that can be linked on a Pinterest board. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. To a wedding photographer they speak even more! Your samples that you share will help me as your photographer see what you like. I'll get a feel for the emotions you like to see, the poses you like, the pose styles you like, and much more. www.pinterest.com

Making sure you've planned time for your couples shots is crucial!
Beautiful couples images need time.


Huh? It's OK to have priorities when it comes to your wedding day photos. What things are most important to you? Is it the first look, or the first dance, or the photos of the couple at sunset? I'll never know those things if you don't communicate them. Understanding your priorities will help me to help you plan your timeline.

On the other hand is my need to communicate to you what it will take to make your priorities as successful as possible. For example, let's say your number one priority for your photos is your first look with either a father or the groom. Knowing that will allow me to help you schedule other photos accordingly. One part of your timeline can change how other parts of your timeline work. I'll help you!


First look photos can be some of the most breath taking images from your wedding. They capture excitement, surprise, and passion. They also take time.

One of the benefits of doing a first look photo is that it allows you to take other images prior to the ceremony as well. You'll be able to do all of the bridal party photos, some family photos, and even some couples formal images all before the ceremony. Why is that important? Because you don't want to keep all of your guests waiting any longer than is truly needed for your grand entrance. You can easily shorten that waiting period by doing first looks and then giving yourself the ability to also do more at the same time.

I know, it's a tradition that some couples like to not see each other prior. I get it! But the benefit of having pictures done prior to the ceremony gives you more time for better pictures, less stress, and a better guest experience.


In all the excitement of the day, it's way too easy to forget a particular combination you want. Spend a little time before the wedding writing down the family photo combinations you want. Put them on paper and put someone close to you in charge of making sure those people are ready at the chosen time. Waiting on people adds to stress and you don't need that! I suggest keeping family photos to Grandparents, parents, children, and siblings. Make sure you've told those people when you are doing the photos and where that will take place.

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