One of your biggest decisions for your wedding day is your photographer. If you contact 10 different photographers, you'll probably get 10 different answers as to what is included and how things work with them. On one hand that's good for you because you have many options to choose from. On the other hand it makes things more difficult because the different ways of doing things can be very confusing. With that in mind let's explore how things work with Inspired Media!

First, as the owner of Inspired Media my goal is make the experience working with me as efficient as possible for you from beginning to end. In other words, an "Inspiring" experience!

Here are the questions most often asked or misunderstood.


  1. What is included?
  2. Do I get prints or just digital images and can I use my engagement photos for invitations or save the date cards?
  3. What happens if you (the photographer) has an emergency and can't make my wedding?
  4. What happens if I need to change my date or cancel?
  5. Do you have a 2nd shooter?
  6. How long does editing take?
  7. Do I have to pick out all the photos for my album at the reveal?
  8. How much money is required up front and when is the balance due?
  9. Do you keep my images permanently?
  10. Can I have the RAW files?


  1. That depends on the package you choose or we work out together. The packages can include engagement photos, a bridal portrait session, or a bridal boudoir session. Of course your wedding day is included as well. Bridal portrait sessions are a special session with just the bride in her dress with full makeup. The session is meant to capture the beauty of the dress and the bride in a non-hurried and stress free session away from the wedding day. A bridal boudoir session is a very popular option with many brides who give those images to the groom as a wedding gift. Those images are private, respectful, and sexy while being classy and fun!
  2. In today's world we all have images on our phones, tablets and other devices. We love having them to show at a moment's notice. Many photographers charge the client for digital images. Not at Inspired Media. You will receive FREE digital images with all web and social media rights. The means you can share them anywhere! Prints are made available for purchase at your reveal and also anytime from your gallery while it is active.
  3. I have never missed a wedding. I don't plan on ever missing a wedding. However, life happens. In the event that I have an emergency I will make every attempt to find a replacement photographer of equal quality and cost. I can not guarantee because nobody can predict the future. Rest easy knowing I'm on your side!
  4. If you need to change your date after it is confirmed I can work with you. There is a fee to change the date that varies depending on how far out from the original date we are. Rescheduled dates must be within 1 calendar year of the original date. I will work with you on rescheduling based on my calendar. If you cancel anytime after the confirmation you will forfeit your retainer (20% of the total) no matter when the cancelation occurs. Cancelations also have a fee if they occur within 120 days of the original date because I have not been able to fill that date with another client.
  5. I have photographed ALL my weddings alone. I can provide a 2nd shooter if it's needed but most of the time it's not needed if we plan together. You may not hire another photographer as a 2nd shooter. I will provide that if needed.
  6. Editing times vary depending on the time of year. I try to get the images ready ASAP without compromising the editing process trying to go fast. A typical wedding will start with over 1000 images taken during the day and that takes time to pick the best and edit that many images. I TRY to deliver within 3 weeks but that is not always possible.
  7. Your wedding album is important. While you may choose to purchase the album at your reveal (I offer a discount at the reveal) you don't need to pick all the images then. Take your time!
  8. As with any major vendor a retainer is required to secure a date with Inspired Media. My retainer is a non-refundable 20% fee. The balance is due no later than midnight the night before the wedding. My policy is that if the balance is not paid I don't shoot the wedding. If there is an issue with the balance please contact me ASAP prior to the due date so we can make arrangements.
  9. As much as I would like to keep your images available permanently the size of the storage space makes that impossible. During the period your gallery is online (90 days) it's important for you to download the web size files that are included in all of my packages. If you want the high resolution files (not the web versions) you can purchase those. The fee for the high resolution versions is $1000 for ALL of them. The reason for that is once you have those files your are then able to print the images at any size anyplace you'd like. Most of my wedding clients spend approximately $1000 on prints with me so the fee covers that loss I would incur.
  10. No. RAW files are a proprietary file that type that requires specialized software to even view them. Also, those images do not accurately portray the brand that I am known for delivering.

Whew! That's a lot of info! I hope it helps you understand me and how I work. PLEASE feel free to call or text me at 269-220-0595 if you still have questions. I'm more than happy to speak with you.