Epic Wedding in Lansing

Who would have thought in early 2020 that the year would unfold like it did? Pretty much nobody. But it did. As it unfolded, the reality of life changed. Many couples had to postpone or even cancel wedding plans and many still are even now.

One of the biggest realities most of us had to deal with was reduced income. That makes things extremely difficult and stressful when it happens. I get it! I want to help. That's why for 2021 couples my packages are now significantly more affordable without sacrificing the images and service that I have become known for. I can even help you with payment plans that fit your particular needs.

You can view the packages HERE.

The main question people ask is "what about my print or digital images?" Ordering prints of any kind such as wall art, canvas, metal prints, or albums can be confusing and stressful as well. That's why I have 3 brand new packages for couples to choose from at their Wine and Cheese reveal that takes place on a 70" TV! That evening I have special prices to make purchasing those amazing memories even more affordable. Of course if you need to order more later from your online gallery a la carte you can do that as well! Inspired Media has you covered!