The Senior Experience

This Package Has It All!

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Location of Your Choice

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Drone Photos

Inspired Media

Senior Photo Sessions Aren't What They Used To Be!

If you’re a student you won’t remember this. For those of us (myself included) old enough to remember, senior photos were stuffy, cheezy, formal, and usually resulted in a photo that you’d rather forget! Well, times certainly have changed!

Gone are the days of JC Penny suits for the boys and a pretty dress from the mall for the girls. Now it’s about multiple outfits, looks, moods, style, and more. Inspired Media gets it, and we are here to help! That’s why we offer The Senior Experience! It’s designed to cover all the looks, styles, moods, and more! All at one amazing price!


Since The Senior Experience is designed to give us the maximum amount of looks, variety, and images as possible we break the day into 3 sections. Studio, Location, and Beach.

We begin the adventure in the studio. we have 1000sq feet to be creative with for headshots, formal poses, many outfits, backgrounds, and looks. It’s a professional studio with a private changing are, a refrigerator, large windows, and furniture. Inside the studio we can shoot everything from formal to fun!


After a lunch break we begin again. This time at a location chosen by you. Many students choose downtown Kalamazoo or a beautiful park for the location of choice segment of photos. You might choose something else. A school, a church, an athletic field, or even home. It’s up to you! So if it’s a certain look you want, we can do it. If it’s a location that means something to you, let’s go! These are yoiur photos and they should showcase YOU.


Of course, we will end our day in South Haven. We arrive early enough to get daylight photos and we stay for some amazing sundown photos. There is nothing more beautiful than sunset over Lake Michigan. And, there is more than just the beach there. We can of course shoot on the beach, but the pier is a great spot, there are hills, flower beds (I know where they are!), and more. Oh yeas, we want to get you in the water at least knee high! Bring several outfits!


Inspired Media is proud to be the only professional photographer in SW Michigan offer drone portraits. Andy is  certified by the FAA as a Part 107 drone pilot. That means your drone images will not only but legally done, but professionally and creatively as well. You won’t believe how cool drone portraits are!

I'm Interested. Now What?

Believe it or not, with all this warm weather in SW Michigan recently, we’ve already had people asking about scheduling senior photos for spring or summer. That’s perfect because these sessions will book quickly. Please either use the chat option to send the keyword “classof25” or click on the button link below.