The beauty and stature of a beautiful print are easily overlooked in today's world. We all have phones and tablets that can literally hold 1000's of images. That's something that less than a generation ago was unheard of. It's come at a price though. Most of us have fewer and fewer images being displayed in our homes.

Inspired Media can help! Let's explore some of the print options we have available to you.

Traditional Prints

We have many size and paper options available to you. Lustre is the most popular paper and you can think of it as being semi-gloss. It's a great paper for displaying on most walls and is a heavy paper. It resists curls over time. If you're looking for a fine art look the paper of choice is going to be either matte or deep matte. This paper is very bold and rich with it's colors. No gloss at all. Another fine art paper is commonly called rag paper. It's usually got a very high cotton content and has a texture to it. Most often this is what people refer to as museum paper.


Canvas prints are very popular for family photos. You image is literally printed on a canvas material and stretched onto a frame. Many people call them wraps. People with traditional family rooms love canvas prints. They look great above a fireplace! The canvas prints available at Inspired Media come on a 1.5" wood frame and are stunning!

Metal Prints

Yes, you can have you image on metal. These contemporary style prints and very bold and striking. These prints come with mounting hardware already attached and are very popular for seniors. colors are extremely bold. The print can be coated to be glossy or matte.


Similar in look to the metal prints but with a clear acrylic cover that can be anywhere from 1/2 or greater in thickness. These look great on desks in an office.


Yes, it's possible to have professional print on wood. These have a weathered look and have muted or faded color tones. Available in a variety of sizes and even shapes.

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