Kalamazoo model

Most people are not thinking about senior pics in January. You should!

Why? Because it can make you stand out from the hundreds of other students that within a few months will be posing in parks, downtown, and backyards. You can do your photos in the same place but have a completely different look!

Winter photos of seniors or even families don't have feature snow. Many do, but you don't need to. Why because the look of the sky and everything else is already different during winter. We photographers would call it a different "kelvin temp" but that doesn't matter to you! It just looks amazing!

Of course if you want a portrait with your graduate in a snow storm, I'll do it! Those can be fun also! Snow pics look beautiful printed on amazing art quality photo paper. 11x14 prints are perfect for that and of course I can provide an 11x14 print on museum quality paper for just $35. In fact using the always available coupon from www.hobbylobby.com you can save 40% on a frame.

What are you waiting for? Call me today at 269-220-0595 or use the form below to let me know you're interested in a winter portrait.