Everyone knows about having digital images on their devices but what about for display purposes in your home? There are so many choices that it can seem confusing. Let's look at some of the options you have available to you with Inspired Media!

Photo Album
Albums have amazing options you can choose!

Let's start with prints. Inspired Media can provide prints of virtually any size from wallet to wall! So what is best for you? What kind of paper, framing, mounting, oh my!

Most people consider prints up to 8x10 as "gift" size. They are perfect gifting a grandma or grandpa, friend, or even displaying on a shelf with other photos. Prints larger than that are considered wall art. We recommend 16x20 or larger. Think about placement as you're deciding. If the image is the centerpiece of a display, large is the way to go! We can even show you what you image will look like in YOUR home using special presentation software and a photo of your location provided by you.

When it comes to paper choices we recommend luster paper or matte. You don't want to have glare from windows, TV, or room lights on the image.

Here are the options we can help you with. PRINTS

Next let's talk about Metals.

Yes, that's right! Your image will look stunning on a metal print. With a bold and contemporary look, metal prints are perfect for standing out in a crowd. These are especially popular with seniors. One of the best things about metal prints is that they come with the mounting hardware already attached to the image. Super easy to place on your wall! Just like regular prints, you have your choice of different surfaces and finishes. From smooth to textured and from glossy to matte! Check out these options. METALS

Next on our journey is CANVAS.

Canvas images are very popular and have been around for many years. With a warm, timeless look they go in any décor from traditional to contemporary. You have your choice of depth on the frame as well. Most common is the 1.5" Of course being printed on canvas the image has a texture that adds depth and a 3rd dimension to the look. The frames are made very sturdy to resist warping and are very well constructed with your canvas tension stretched over it. Take a look at our canvas options. CANVAS

Our last stop is for ALBUMS. Traditionally known as a wedding product, it doesn't need to be. Our albums are VERY well made with care and precision in mind. Most notable is our thick page type. Our thick pages not only look amazing they serve to protect the pages from little hands of children that may not be delicate in handling! Stunning full page spreads lay flat for viewing as well.

Of course you have your choice of many cover options from traditional to metal, acrylic, material, and even wood. The album comes in a protective box and a cloth covering as well. Many years from now, your album will still take your breathe away! Designing your album is simple as well! You pick the images and we design the layout and give you a proof to see and comment on.

With so many options many people want to know where to start with an album. Our standard album is $599 and features 10x10 size, fabric cover,, 16 thick pages, and square corners. All of the options on our information page linked below can be added. It's up to you! ALBUMS

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