Do You Have Posing Paranoia?

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“Posing” is an idea that can fill any bride or groom with terror. It’s a word that brings thoughts of super models, bright lights and fashion. Many couples even tell photographers they don’t want to pose because they don’t know how. I get it! I’ve experienced this same fear from the other side of the lens as well. ‘In fact I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most photographers say that “posing” clients is very difficult. Usually because nobody has taught us how to do it. I get that also!

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Posing can be natural and fun!

Often times when I shoot an image like this I've simply told the couple to chat and enjoy the moment while I "adjust" my settings and before they even know it I've got the image!

So how do I help couples with “posing”? Well, first, I try to not use that word. Mostly because that’s not what I am capturing usually. Since wedding photography is mostly about story telling tell, my job is to capture that story. The story of a couple’s love and relationship. That’s usually not best captured with a complicated pose that requires precision arms and hand placements and facial expressions. Sure, I might capture a few “posed” images on a typical wedding day. Most often, the images I capture are more editorial or lifestyle in nature. For example, a couple holding hands walking in a beautiful location while talking, laughing, and celebrating says WAY more than an image of that same couple in an uncomfortable pose.

On those few occasions where we are doing a “posed” image I have some very helpful tips and ideas I’ll share in the moment to make it easier and more comfortable. After all, we both have the same goal. Amazing images! Knowing we are both on the same team is a huge comfort!

One of the benefits of booking my Ultimate Inspiration Package is that it includes an engagement photo session. That is the perfect no pressure way to get comfortable with each other and taking images. You’ll see how easy and fun it can be. You’ll see how it works and then wedding day photos are a breeze

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