On what is undoubtedly the biggest day of your life, your wedding photos are one of the few tangible items that 20 years from now you will still have. You want to be able to look back on those images with pride and not cringe at them! Here are some locations tips to help.

First, make sure you’ve selected a great location with the help of your photographer. Oftentimes a photographer can turn a not so great location into spectacular photos. But not always Your photographer should understand the limitations and possibilities..

What makes a great location? Several things. I suggest the top of the list is open space. You don’t want images to look like you’re squeezing into a tight space just because it’s pretty. The space doesn’t have to be huge, just enough that the couple has a little breathing room space and moving room around them while also allowing the photographer the distance they need for correct composition. Choosing an “epic” spot isn’t always needed if your photographer understands professional lighting.

Here is a perfect example. This couple had taken outdoor images prior to the reception but wanted a cool indoor shot if possible as well. The schedule was tight. On the way up to the reception floor of the venue the fastest way was the delivery entrance. Inside I noticed this grungy looking hallway while waiting for the elevator. A quick spotlight on the couple while using the camera settings to dim the rest of the room created this beautiful image just 5 feet from the freight elevator while we waited for it!

The important thing to remember especially if you’re outside is the placement of the sun. Having the sun at the back of the photographer is RARELY a good choice. Yes, you may have the couple evenly exposed but in most situations they will also be squinting because of the sun. If you have to have the shot facing that direction, wait! The sun will move and eventually allow for a much better exposure. In fact when I get to a venue, I look for those epic spots and then use an app on my phone to show me exactly where the sun will be at any given time of that day.

The other consideration is that unless you are trying to create an environmental portrait, like this couple in downtown Detroit, you don’t need a huge area. A portrait is meant to show a person or couple.  Here is an example of an environmental portrait.

These are simple tips for your location but very important. Don’t trust your wedding photos to just anyone. Learning these concepts and putting them into practice takes experience, planning, and expertise. Inspired Media has you covered!