One of the things I hear most often from couples is that they don't know what they need in terms of photographs and how that all works on the wedding day. My response... "I've got you."

After having photographed over 200 weddings, I have a pretty good idea how best to help you get all the right shots! There are so many pieces that all go into a smooth wedding day experience. It's not just choosing the right colors ahead of time, the best food and drinks chosen weeks in advance, the best DJ you can find, and the prettiest venue. All the pieces need to fit together seamlessly on the wedding day.

My experience allows me to help you plan your day so that we get the preparation shots, that beautiful dress shot, the fun bridal party images, and the stunning couples shots. They all happen at different parts of the day and take different amounts of time to make happen. Don't worry. I get it and will help you plan!

No, I'm not a wedding coordinator (yeah), but I do help coordinate things! I'll make sure we keep on schedule, that you have time to fix makeup, that we don't miss that golden sunset at just the right time etc.

Let's Get Started!

My process of helping you begins with our first conversation. Want more info? Just fill out this form below and I'll reach out to you ASAP!

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