This is the time of year that we all feel refreshed, excited about summer, and for many, excited about their senior year of high school. Of course, all of us this year are excited to finally be seeing our Covid nightmare beginning to fade away. Life is good!

One of the most important parts of that senior year is the senior photo experience. And really, it is an experience. It's a chance to mark both an end and a beginning. This a milestone part of life for both the student and parents. It needs to be captured with beauty, emotion, and personality. That's exactly what Inspired Media has gain a reputation for.

Over the past few years, hundreds of students have trusted Inspired Media with their senior photos. Along the way we have never once received a negative review! Your senior photos are important and we give them 100%

This year we are so excited to have 2 different packages for you to choose. The Inspiring Senior Package is perfect for a traditional senior photo session. It takes just a few hours and you'll have approximately 100 images to choose from! The Ultimate Senior Package is an entire day, in 3 different locations. Our studio, a local location of your choice, and evening sunset pictures in either South Haven or Silver Beach.

In addition to those packages we are also now offering 2 options that you can add to your package. You can have drone portraits or colored smoke. the drone images allow us to take photos from above and to get perspectives not possible from the ground. You'll love the look! The colored smoke option lets us get creative with color and texture and will provide a contemporary look that is second to none!

You can see both of the packages in more detail HERE.

The next step is yours. A simple way to contact us is to call us at 269-220-0595. If you'd rather us contact you, please use the form below.


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