Sweet cake, sweet kiss!

You probably already use Pinterest. Now use it for your wedding photos.

Many couples spend hour after hour working on details for the wedding day. It begins when you first say “yes” when that proposal and engagement ring finally become reality. You have a mountain of decisions to make. Everything from brides maids and groomsmen to venues, catering, dresses, DJs, honeymoon plans, and of course photos.

Most of those decisions involve you choosing something specific like a menu, a color, a venue etc. Things are a little different with your photographer. Yes, you choose that person but there are still many decisions to make with the photographer. One of the best things you can do to help ensure you get amazing wedding or engagement photos is to create a “mood board” on Pinterest. It’s easy! That way on your own time you can create a board of images that you love. Don’t stop there. You can add a short comment about what it is you like about the photo. You can share that with your photographer. This simple mood board can give your photographer insight into your style, preferences, and more.

So go ahead. Start that Pinterest board now! Then call me at 269-220-0595 to book me for your wedding.

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