Free Wedding Family Photo List

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You would think that taking family photos at your wedding will be one of the easiest things to do on your wedding day. Think again!

At that point in the day (usually right after the ceremony) everyone is thinking about getting the reception and getting the party going. No a bad idea but you’ve still got family photos and maybe more to take. In the heat of the moment it’s easy to overlook a family member or grouping that you wanted to make sure you included. So I have a list for you to help your planning. I also suggest making a final list and giving it to your MOH or Best Man. It’s easy to have them check off the groups as they are photographed and then you are sure you have included everyone you intended.

You should plan on about 2-3 minutes per group. So if if you have 15 groups you can plan on it taking 30-45 minutes. If work efficiently so I can usually keep that at the lower end of that number. It also helps if you have communicated to those people ahead of time when and where those photos will take place. I like to do the family photos at the same location as the ceremony in order to keep things moving for you. After all, there is a party to get to!

If you’d like to get my free list to use as a starting guide for you please complete the form below.