Wedding Drone Photos

Drone images are a great way to help your wedding photos stand out from the crowd. Couples booking a wedding with Inspired Media right now get a FREE drone photos upgrade. That's a $200 value!

Drone photos give you a perspective you can't get anywhere else. For example the image above shows Ashley and Andrew beginning the long road of marriage. It's not only beautiful and unique, but symbolic of the road ahead. This image was only been possible with a drone.

Another great benefit of drone photography is the ability to see the entire wedding venue at once. Most often your wedding album includes a nice photo of the front of the venue or the road sign but wouldn't it be amazing to see the venue in context from above like never before? Check out this example below of one of the best wedding venues in Michigan. This is Cherry Barc Farm. http://www.cherrybarcfarm.com/ #cherrybarcfarm

Drone photography is also perfect for engagement photos. Imagine your engagement session on the beach and seen as never before. Drone images on the beach provide a view and colors you never see from the ground. These images are perfect large metal prints as art on your wall as well!

Andy Krieger, Owner of Inspired Media, is fully licensed by the FAA is a commercial drone pilot. That means you can be assured your images are not only professional, but safe and legal.

Would you like to claim your FREE drone upgrade today? Let us know by simply filling out this form below and we will reach back out to you ASAP!