Your flowers say as much about you as your dress. Don’t skimp!

You flowers are a critical part of your vendor choices. Photographers, florists, caterers, DJs, and your dress also are an important parts of your wedding day. You wouldn’t want everything to be amazing and the flowers to be wilted on arrival, or the food to be old. Those are what people remember. The thing that stood out.

You’re going to look amazing in your dress. Inspired Media will capture amazing photos of you and your entire day. Make sure your flowers keep the standard of excellence you’ve already established!

The flowers in this beautiful picture came from Ludemas Floral Garden. They went the extra mile to make sure not only the ceremony was beautiful but also helped make the transition of the same venue space into an amazing reception area. If you’re look for a great florist check them out at https://www.ludemas.com/weddings/