Seeing the "Big Picture" meant seeing just the right angle.

That’s not a rhetorical question. Does your photographer see the big picture in regards to your wedding day photos? Anybody can press a button on a camera to capture an image, but the difference between taking a picture and capturing a frame worthy moment in time is huge.

Take for example the first dance photo from a recent wedding I photographed in Detroit. The room was pretty but not breathtaking. The wedding dress was beautiful but the DJ didn’t have any mood lighting for the dance. The tables were full of people chatting but not really paying attention to the moment. Not really a great photo opportunity at first look other than it is the first dance and you want to remember it.

My solution… After capturing a few safety shots to ensure I had captured the moment I began to look for ways to take the moment to the next level. Candles! I only had a few seconds left in the song so I moved quickly to position myself where I could see the couple and chose an angle that was beautiful. Nobody else in the room saw what me and my camera captured.

So again, does your photographer see the big picture?

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