The Senior Experience is Booking Now

The Senior Experience with Inspired Media has become very popular with seniors all over West Michigan. Why? Value, images, variety, quality, and it's fun!

This is a full day experience and we will shoot in 3 different locations. We begin inside the beautiful studio of Inspired Media. We will get headshots (gonna need a resume' right?), formal shots, creative window looks, industrial looks in the studio building, and whatever else we want to do. It's a great way to begin our day together and learn how the process of shooting together works.

Check out these shots inside our studio...

Afternoon - Location of Your Choice

Your life has been full of exciting activities and locations. Our afternoon session allows you to choose 1 local location for us to shoot at. It can be someplace special like your school, your home or church, or maybe just someplace cool like downtown Kalamazoo.

Golden Hour Beach Photos to End The Day!

We are blessed in Michigan to have amazing beaches and sunsets! Your Senior Experience will end in South Haven on the beach. We will get stunning shots on the beach before the sun goes down and then breathtaking images of you as the sun sets over Lake Michigan!

Don't Forget That Drone Images Are INCLUDED!

Don't Wait Book Your Session!

Booking your session is very easy. Let's speak together about dates and we can get you confirmed within a few minutes. You can call or text 269-220-0595. Also, you can use the button below. If you use that button I'll be sending you some more information AND I'll follow up by calling you back as well. Let's do this!