Why Experience Matters for a Wedding Photographer

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It seems that everyone today has a camera with them at all times. In fact cell phone manufacturers like to impress us with the specs built into each cell phone. Double, triple lens options, huge optical zoom, RAW files instead of JPG, and on and on. That’s all fine, but does it mean everyone can take professional photos? No.

Experience Matters

Taking a photo is much more than pointing and shooting. It’s about capture emotion, and style. It’s about exposing to capture a particular look. It’s about composing the image to communication correctly. It’s about the pose and helping the subject into flattering poses. It’s about understanding how the image can be tweaked in post production. So yes, anyone can operate a camera, but not everyone is qualified to be your photographer.

Weddings Are Fast Paced

Wedding photography is a skill that requires fast thinking and problem solving skills. Knowing how to adjust for different lighting conditions is a simple example. You may be inside a dim reception hall preparing for the Bridal Party Grand Entrance and when they open the doors for them all of a sudden you have a bright sun coming in behind them all. Knowing how to fix that situation is not something that an inexperienced photographer might be able to do in time. Understanding RAW vs JPG file format is important as well. Just because a phone can save in the RAW format, does your photographer edit the RAW file or export it to JPG first (thus totally defeating the RAW file advantages). Do you want to shoot with a wide open F-Stop or a narrow one? What is the best lens choice for each situation? These are all things that come with experience and your photographer needs to know well.

Wedding Day Time

You have X amount of hours on your wedding day get many things done. An experienced photographer can assist you in planning. Knowing how long it takes to do each part of the day is important. It’s not uncommon for couples to underestimate time for things like bridal party photos or family photos. 

Seeing The Unseen

Being able to visualize image possibilities is important. An experienced photographer can use camera tricks to turn what might appear initially to be a mundane location into a stunning work of art.  This takes knowing what different adjusts on the camera can do as well as what is possible in the editing process. That skill takes years of experience.

Does Inspired Media Have Experience?

Absolutely! Over 200 weddings with NO negative reviews! Venues from backyards to castles. Museums to beaches. Churches to fields. Casual to formal. 

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