My friend Mohammed is amazing to photograph. Why? Because he shows confidence.

Most people feel uncomfortable when a photographer points a camera at them. It natural. But if you can learn to relax and enjoy the experience, and even be bold in posing the results are amazing!

Many times when I’m working with a couple at their engagement session or even at the wedding, I can tell they are nervous. Believe it or not, that will show in your pictures. Trust your preparation. You’ve picked the best dress you could find. You’ve spent time on hair and makeup. You’ve picked out a beautiful location. Now it’s time to trust your photographer that you’ve researched and hired.

I have learned how to help you you look your best. It’s mainly relaxing. Let’s have fun while we shoot pictures. It’s OK to laugh, to have fun, and to be creative. That’s what makes it work!

So no need to fear. Inhale, relax, and go for it!

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