With Inspired Media one of our main priorities is to deliver value to our clients. When it comes to your photographer there are many layers to what you will be receiving in terms of service and products. It can get VERY confusing. We get that. With that in mind, let's take a moment and break down the most common needs from couples and what Inspired Media offers and delivers with our Ultimate Inspiration Package.

Here are the things that every couple needs when it comes to their wedding photos.

Engagement Photos

You need to capture the excitement of the new engagement AND have images you can use for your Save The Date or Invitations. Plus, of course, you need amazing images to look back on.  

With Inspired Media you choose the location. We can help. The Kalamazoo area has beautiful parks, a great downtown, or maybe we go to South Haven for romantic beach and sundown photos. It’s up to you!

It’s important that you have the same photographer for both your engagement photos and your wedding day for several reasons. First, the relationship factor. As we shoot the engagement photos together we are getting to know each other. It helps me learn your personality and style. Plus, the style of what I do will be consistent when it comes to the wedding day.

Engagement photos are included with our Ultimate Inspiration Package. No need to pay another $300-$500 for someone else to take the photos. Cha Ching!

Bridal Portrait or Bridal Boudoir

Every bride needs stunning images of just her. You know, the kind you see in magazines and online. That’s exactly what a Bridal Portrait or Boudoir Session are all about. No wedding day pressure. Plenty of time for hair and makeup, and choice of location. In fact our own studio is the PERFECT location if you’d like.

What's the difference between a bridal portrait and a bridal boudoir session? Content. A bridal portrait is the bride in her wedding dress complete with hair, makeup, jewelry, etc. We capture stunning images of the bride with professional lighting, and styling. These are the images that make great wall art or full page images inside your wedding album. Below is a recent bridal portrait done in December of 2022 inside the Inspired Media studio.

A bridal boudoir session is a more intimate session designed for the bride to use the images as a wedding gift for her partner. These are usually done in lingerie in the studio and use careful lighting and posing to capture breathtaking images. These are beautiful images that are classy, sophisticated, yet sexy. Most brides that choose the boudoir session put the images into an album format and give it to the groom the night before the wedding or the day of the wedding. We can help you with the album design and layout.

Planning Help

You have SO many things that need to happen on the big day. If even one of them gets behind schedule everything changes. As a photographer, I am involved in most of the aspects of the wedding day from getting ready all the way until the exit at the reception. I understand the time it takes for each of those parts. I will spend time with you planning the timeline in a way that makes for a smooth and stress free day while still allowing the needed time all along the way! I'm on your team and have your back.

Prints and Albums

Yes, everyone has images on their devices. That is great. But you need professional prints. Not just a phone image or a 4x6 print from Walgreens. You need and deserve better.

All of your images are placed in a beautiful online gallery for you to share. Once inside that gallery you can order prints, metal prints, canvas wraps, and albums. In fact our galleries feature an album designer built right into the gallery! You’ll be able to see your album as you create it and make adjustments along the way. It’s super easy and fun! Everyone you share the gallery with will have the same option to purchase from the gallery. That means you don’t have to call all the relatives and friends to get their orders. It’s completely done within the gallery!

The prices you’ll find in your gallery are competitive with every professional print lab you’ll find online. 

Drone Upgrade is FREE for a Limited Time

Drones are the new must have option and Inspired Media has you covered! Seeing your wedding from above is a unique view that only can be done from a drone. I am an FAA licensed Commercial Drone Pilot. That means I fly legally and safely. I use professional drones and aerial cameras to bring you images that will take you to a place not otherwise possible.

Normally the drone option is an additional $200. Right now it is being offered as a FREE upgrade. Don’t wait because this offer is not forever.

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