Sometimes your venue doesn't have the best photo spots.

So what do you do when that amazing location you've planned on for your photos isn't available because of flooding? That's what happened with Megan and Dustin. So as I was driving near the original location prior to the wedding I kept my eyes open for other possibilities. This old abandoned church was perfect! What an amazing shot!

This location didn't have much space for photos so...

Again, we had a situation where the original planned location wasn't available because of overcrowding inside the venue. So we used the basement! We were able to create this amazing and moody shot by simply doing a composite of several images using a light that was moved around the table and the couple to highlight just what we needed. That also allowed us to darken the rest of the room that was full of stuff.

The lesson here is don't get discouraged if your first location doesn't work for whatever reason. Be creative and think outside the box with your photographer!

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