Your senior pics are important! 20 years from now 1 of those pics will still be in your yearbook. How do you want to be remembered?

The thought of getting senior pictures done is for some scary, and for others exciting. In reality, it's a great experience IF you're prepared. So here are 5 Tips To Get Great Senior Pics

  1. PLAN YOUR LOCATION. Open space is your friend when it comes to pictures. Doesn't need to be an open field, but you also don't want the image to be cluttered looking
  2. AVOID MID DAY SUN. Of course that's not always possible but you'll be happy if you can do it. Photographers prefer the "golden hour." That's the first or last 90 minutes of sun each day.
  3. DRESS SIMPLE. Gone are the days of a coat and tie or a formal dress. Where whatever is you!
  4. PROPS ARE GREAT. Do you like to read? Bring your favorite book. Play an instrument? Bring it! The sky is the limit for you to express yourself!
  5. HAVE THE INFORMATION YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS IN REGARD TO THE DIGITAL IMAGE SUBMISSION. You don't need to understand DPI, aspect ratio, and all of the tech stuff. Leave that up to me!