• Believe it or not the most important reason to choose Inspired Media is not the images. It’s the trust and reliability factor. Your photographer is the only vendor for your wedding day that will provide you with a product that will last forever. Your photos. Over 100 couples have trusted Inspired Media.

“Andy did mine and my husband's ceremony and reception photos. I couldn't have asked for those photos turn out more spectacular than they did! The portraits were breathtaking and intimate to capture the mood. Andy was so easy to work with and made taking pictures fun (since we’re not the picture type couple). If you're in need of photos for any event, he comes 110% recommended.”


  • Amazing pictures. The 2nd reason is the quality of images you receive. Andy is known by clients, the photography community, and businesses for his images. Not every wedding has great scenic spots for pics. Andy is creative and will help you still get amazing images! Want to see more of the wedding portfolio for Inspired Media? Click HERE.
  • Flexibility. There has never in the history of weddings been one that went exactly as had been planned. That means all of the vendors need to be flexible on the wedding day. Stuff happens! As the day progresses Andy will help you keep things moving and will communicate with you in order to ensure the available time for photos is the best it can be.
  • Cost. The wedding packages from Inspired Media can help you save money on what is already a very expensive day. How? It’s simple.  Your package includes services only. That means you’re not required to pay for image packages that don’t meet your needs. Instead, you can choose between several different image packages or even order a la carte.  Most couples order an album for themselves, one or two mother’s albums (smaller version of your album), wall art, and pics to give the wedding party. By allowing you to choose the image package that best meets your needs, your hard earned money goes even further!
  • The last reason to hire Inspired Media is related back to the first reason. With years of experience, 100 hundreds of previous happy wedding clients, having a great reputation, knowing that Andy is published, all mean that you can relax on your special knowing you’re covered. You have enough to worry about that day. Your photographer shouldn’t be one of them!

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