3 Tips To Help On Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding day is the pinnacle of excitement and planning. It’s been worked on for months and maybe even years. Yet, it still can be stressful when the day finally arrives. Here are 3 simple tips to help!

  1. Make sure you and your photographer have not only spoken about your style but about the actual specific timeline for your photos. Your day has a limited amount of available hours for photos. It’s important that you and your photographer both are aware of the timeline you work together to create and then you both stick to it. On your wedding day if things get behind it creates stress for you and it also creates a series of other parts of the day that are then behind as well.
  2.  COMMUNICATE with everyone involved in photos what your plan is. Make sure they are aware that 2:00 for bridal party pics doesn’t mean arrive at 2:00, it means that’s when they start. It just takes 1 late person to create a situation that is difficult to recover from. You don’t need that! It’s much better to have 20 minutes of time you don’t need because things went smooth rather than trying to find 20 minutes of time later on.
  3.  Share samples of what you like with your photographer ahead of time. Every couple is different so make sure you and the photographer understand each other on style. Most often you’ve hired a photographer BECAUSE you like their style. That’s great! But it’s not always the case.

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