Weddings are a huge deal. And rightfully so! The task of choosing vendors, colors, outfits, florists, DJs, etc can seem completely overwhelming. So many options to choose with each vendor. So many deposits to secure with a vendor. So many decisions. Then of course the big day finally arrives. At that point most of those things are then out of your hands. But with your photos, that’s not the case.

There are things you can do as you approach your wedding day to help the photo portions of the day be successful! These are simple, yet important tips that make a difference!

1 Do your best to keep on schedule with what you and the photographer have planned together. Once a time table gets off schedule it can be difficult to catch back up on a busy wedding day.

2 Plan your family photo combinations ahead of time. I suggest writing them down and giving that list to a trusted friend that can organize the people that day. Don’t make the photographer responsible to get the groups together and to suggest combinations. Each family has its own dynamics that only you are aware of.

3 Remember that in photos the camera will not see as wide as humans see. A professional photographer can make even small backgrounds or backgrounds that might not be your first choice look great! We pros have learned a few tricks along the way!

4 Relax and have fun. Seriously. When you’re having fun, the photos will reflect that. That’s why often the best photos are not the posed images we see in fashion and bridal magazines, but the candid moments captured by the photographer as they happened. Most professionals have a few tricks we can use also to help in those moments!

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